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Agreed Divorces in Chicago

In all relationships and marriages, there can come a point where irreconcilable differences cause you to go your separate ways. While none of us wish for this, it is a fact of life that it can happen and that's OK. And if you both feel the same way, then both parties will be looking for a divorce. This is where the agreed divorce comes in.

At Cheap Chicago Divorce, not only can we push through an uncontested divorce quickly so you don't have to deal with the hassle and stress of a lengthy court process, but we'll do it for a competitive price.

When filing for divorce in an uncontested situation, choose the fastest and most affordable option. Choose the attorneys at Cheap Chicago Divorce.

Quick and Painless

Trust the attorneys at Cheap Chicago Divorce when you need your legal separation to be quick and painless. Most of our clients believe there's no reason why an agreed divorce should be stressful, and we feel the same way.

Don't choose a firm with complicated and expensive processes, hire our experienced and helpful attorneys who process painless divorces on a daily basis to the relief of all our clients.

It may seem obvious that a no fault divorce should be a speedy process, but this is not always the case. Many lawyers will draw out the process. But you will find at Cheap Chicago Divorce, this is not the case. We work to best help our clients and not ourselves by providing efficient, quality services.

What We'll do for You

When you call Cheap Chicago Divorce, we'll determine whether both parties are indeed in agreement about their divorce. Once it is clear we are following through on an uncontested divorce, we'll determine other factors such as:

  • Child-related agreements
  • Property and debt
  • Spousal support

Most clients come to us with ideas in mind that they've agreed upon prior to the appointment, and that's great. Simply walk us through it and we'll establish these stances to officially file divorce papers.

You are welcome to agree to anything you like, within reason, and our attorneys will be happy to inform you of what could cause issues in the future should that be the case.

Anyone is welcome to divorce amicably in Chicago and it is our duty to help that process along with affordable rates and a fast process, so you can get back to your life.

We Work on Your Schedule

Concerned about hiring an attorney that is always busy with other clients and charges you an arm and a leg for a five minute phone call? You won't find anyone like that working at Cheap Chicago Divorce.

While we offer a fast process, we also offer dedication to each and every one of our clients.

An agreed divorce can take as little as two weeks to two months that is our promise to you.

So, give the attorneys at Cheap Chicago Divorce a call today. We're ready and able to help you and your partner finalize your divorce agreement.