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Divorce Lawyer in Chicago

Divorce is never an easy process, even if it is uncontested. There are many things to take into account such as children, property, alimony payments and more. The legal landscape is hard to navigate at the best of times. Without a seasoned law firm to guide you, there are bound to be expensive mistakes made which complicate and slow the process. If you are looking for a way to implement a divorce in Chicago with experienced lawyers that are also affordable, you have come to the right website.

Inexpensive Divorce Lawyer

Our lawyers have many years of experience in legal divorce proceedings, and we want to put our expertise to use for you. Our divorce team has decades of combined experience protecting the interests of people in Chicago who seek a clean and quick divorce.

We are proud of the work we have done in representing our clients during these difficult times. They are scrambling to organize their lives and figure out their finances, so they can leave an unfulfilling marriage behind them. We focus on attaining our client’s peace of mind at an affordable price.

Our attorney fee for an uncontested divorce is $499.

How do I Know if I Qualify for an Uncontested Divorce in Chicago?

There are two types of divorces, those that are contested and those that are uncontested. If the parties cannot agree on the divorce or some aspect of it then it is classified as contested. It is also a longer and more expensive process. However, there are a few more rules to an uncontested divorce than merely agreeing on the divorce.  Here are a few guidelines to see if you qualify. All of the factors below must be met for a divorce to be uncontested:

  1. You have been separated for six months or more. This does not necessarily mean that you live apart but that that you and your spouse live different lives and are relatively independent from each other.
  2. Both individuals agree to a divorce and acknowledge that they will sign legal documents associated with divorce proceedings.
  3. Agreement has already been made in terms of child custody—who will be the primary caregiver and what schedule will be ordered for visitation. If you do not have children then this does not apply.
  4. Division of debt has been agreed upon.
  5. You do not share a retirement or pension plan.
  6. Real estate divisions are settled.
  7. There will be no support or alimony payments.

If all of this describes your situation then you will most probably qualify for an uncontested divorce.

However, if you fall outside of these guidelines do not become disheartened. There is still the possibility that you would quality for a low-cost divorce.

Divorce Lawyer Near Me

If you are facing a divorce we recommend you talk to your spouse right away to see if it can become uncontested. If your significant other goes to see a divorce attorney first, then it is likely that you will be pulled into a divorce that will be contested and thus a great deal more expensive.

If the people of Chicago have questions about uncontested divorces or our low-cost option, please feel free to contact our firm.