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CHEAP CHICAGO DIVORCE will get your divorce completed in 45 days or less, for $750.00 plus court fees, provided:

Serving Chicagoland and All Surrounding Counties


*Requirements for a divorce for $750.00 plus costs:

1. No minor children or children in college

2. No real estate purchased during the marriage or jointly owned

3. All personal property, bank accounts and debts are divided

4. No pensions or retirement accounts to be divided

5. Both parties will co-operate to sign papers and waive spousal support

6. Must have been an Illinois resident for at least 90 days and be separated from your spouse for 6 months

7. Must be willing to appear in court in Cook County, Illinois

If you have minor children and can agree on Statutory Child support, visitation schedule and decision making, but otherwise meet all the qualifications above, the fee will be $1,200.00, plus court fees.

Both parents must also take an on-line parenting class (cost is $50.00, not included above) and will get a certificate upon completion.

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